UltimateTrigger: Concept

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UltimateTrigger: Concept

This article describes the concept of UltimateTrigger.

UltimateTrigger will be a remote control/ shutter timer for DSLR cameras with extended features; such as:

  • Timer & timer series
  • Long exposure control (bulb)
  • Long exposure series for HDR
  • External inputs & outputs to connect several devices together or connect external sensors
  • Light sensor to trigger by external flash
  • Sound trigger
  • Lightning detection for lighting photography
  • External extention port
  • Wifi web interface and API

The device is based on an ESP8266-12E chip that provides enough power an capacity to implement the planned features. It is powered by 6 AA batteries. An OLED display provides room for detailed information and structured menus.

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