“You can do anything you set your mind to.”
Benjamin Franklin

Technology & Electronics

Here is a list of my projects related to technology or electronic stuff.

Lumos - Light Bowl

Lumos - Light Bowl is a simple project and right off to start building your own lamp with focus on low cost and just a few electronic parts.
Perfect for beginners!

Lumos V2

A WiFi enabled smart light with full integration to the OSDP protocol. Some nice features are smart home integration, web interface control, full RGB light color and dimming...


Sense is a platform providing different sensors and is fully integrated to your smart home using the OSDP protocol. Sensor values can be used to control your home and make it smarter.

Camera Rail

In this project I build a small camera rail that is programmable and works together with the Ultimate Trigger.
It can be used for stunning time-lapse movies. 

Ultimate Trigger

Ultimate Trigger is a camera trigger controlled by an ESP8266 with lots of features such as WIFI enabled interface, API, Series, BULB mode, external I/O ports, etc...

Ultimate Light Paint

Ultimate Light Paint is a device made for light painting when doing long exposure photography that runs on battery and uses NeoPixel LEDs and a gyroscope.


As a software developer I have some personal software projects too...

OSDP - Open Smart Device Protocol

Building your own smart device an looking for a free extendable protocol to implement? I didn´t find any so I did my own.


A high available clustered OSGI enabled processing platform that can do automatic load balancing. A full implementation for a 2nd-level tier.

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