Lumos: List of Electronics

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Lumos: List of Electronics

This is a list of all the electronics you need to build your own Lumos Light Bowl.

Within this project you are dealing with electricity.

Always be careful with electricity if you dont know what you are doing!
Never work on electronic circuits that are under power or build short circuits!
Always check polarity of your wiring first before powering your device!

List of Parts

I used the following electronic components:

  • 0.35A / 8.5V-22.5V LED Power Supply
  • a switch
  • 3 or 5 Watts Daylite COB power LED cool white (5W shown, I prefer 3W)
  • MEANWELL LD350 LED Driver
  • COB LED Cooler (check that it fits your LED)
  • some cables
  • minimal amount of hot glue
  • minimal amount of thermal glue (to glue LED to the cooler)
  • small part of PCB board

Power Supply

The power supply is rated at 0.35A with variable 8.5V-22.5V, giving a maximum of 7,875Watts.
It is specifically made to run high power LEDs driven by stable current. The output of this power supply is controled by the MEANWELL LD 350 driver to be correct for the LED.

The wall pluggable form factor makes it easy to use and we don´t need any high voltage electronics do do. This keeps the risk for beginners low (but not risk free).

Choose LED & Cooler

The COB LEDs can get very warm and need sufficient cooling to not burn and get damaged.

As cooler you keep your LED as longer its lifetime will be.

Therefor I used a 3 Watts COB LED and a 5 Watts rated cooler. With this combination we keep the LED quite cool and can run it continuously over hours.

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