Lumos: Assembly Guide

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Lumos: Assembly Guide

This article will give you all instructions to assemble your Lumos Light Bowl and guide you through all assembly steps.

Before starting the assembly please make sure to have all parts and tools in place.

Needed tools:

  • Soldering iron
  • Hot glue gun
  • Drills


  • Printed 3D models
  • Electronic components


  • Solder a cable to your power-supply
  • Solder the other end to your switch and mount it through the whole of the base-plate
  • Glue your LED onto the cooler; make sure to use a suitable thermal glue and mix it correctly
  • solder wires to your LED and the output pins of your MEANWELL driver (be careful to not overheat whether the LED nor the driver while soldering); you will need to put your cable through the whole at the bottom of the bowl and the top of your base plate first.
  • solder the input pins of the MEANWELL driver to your switch
  • Use some small dots of hot glue to fix the LED with the cooler on the inside of the bowl.
  • isolate the cables and circuit!
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